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Choosing the group each year is my least favorite part of this job. I know that for every student that is excited about being selected
for the group, there is another student who is profoundly disappointed.  This year there is a large number of strong performers that we
simply do not have enough room in the group to accommodate. The number of girls that can be cast is directly related to the number
of boys. So girls, if you want to increase your chances in the fall, encourage as many boys as you can to audition! There will be another round of auditions for Chanteurs in the fall to complete the list. Students who are not accepted into Chanteurs in the spring are still eligible  and encouraged to audition for the group in the fall!  Auditions are Wednesday, September 3rd 3pm-4:30pm. Be listening for announcements when you start school in the fall for more information about the fall auditions. If you are wondering what you else you can do to increase your chances of being cast in the future, the number one thing you can do
is take private voice lessons. Vocal performance is the single largest determining factor in casting the group.
 I understand that many of you may be disappointed, and may even think of not trying out again because things did not go the way you wanted them to go. I strongly encourage you to try again. Continued participation increases your vocal abilities and skills, which then increases your chances in future auditions. Another reason to try again is that there always seems to be some shuffling of the show choir list during the summer. Every year there are vacancies in the group that need to be filled. They cannot be filled by you if you do not try again.
You have every right to be disappointed. But after you deal with your disappointment, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and come back
to sing!
If you have any questions, please e-mail me at
 Mr. Muters

****If you are chosen in the spring auditions, you and a parent need to come to an informational meeting on Thursday, June 5th at 6:30pm in the Kennedy Choir room. Financial information as well as other important items will be presented at this time. If you or a parent cannot be at this meeting, please contact me, Mr. Muters, so I may get you the information before the end of the school year.   SMUTERS@CR.K12.IA.US    558-4636


2014-2015 CHANTEURS 
Barrett  Amanda Bushman  Joey
Bergin  Ferin Dyck  Ian
Chamberlain  Marie Hoge  Alexander
Geiger  Olivia Jensen  Quinton
Gibson  Celia Kiley  Peyton
Hernandez  Jaeda Mead  Sam
Herring  Grace O'Brian  Dalton
Kolthoff  Katie Romano  Jared
Kruger  Megan Ropa  Will
Mann  Makenna Tolly  James
Manternach  Darby Winters  Josh
Mather  Taylor Young  Alexander
Pealer  Jacie
Taylor  Avada
Wilson  Kennedy


Drive 4 UR School Fundraiser - Saturday, October 4th 9-3 pm
Foundation of Performing Arts Cabaret - Friday, October 17th
Booster Club Football Tailgate - TBA
Fall Play - Picasso at Lapin Agile  - October 2-4th
Student Directed 1 Act Plays - November 7 & 8
Playtime Poppy - December 4-6th

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